NEW FOR 2015

Look out for new titles this year including The Studio: A Psychoanalytic Legacy by Gill Gregory.  The Studio is a unique and exciting work, combining paintings with psychoanalysis to examine a difficult past – loss, trauma and the complexities of life are all explored in this poetic memoir.


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Control the Controller: Understanding and Resolving Video Game Addiction.  Ciaran O’Connor looks at how gaming and addiction have come together so rapidly in recent years.  This is an invaluable book for gamers, their families, mental health professionals and even game developers – all who encounter gaming would benefit from this title.

Sad Dad: An Exploration of Postnatal Depression in Fathers.  A groundbreaking and controversial work from an emerging author – Sad Dad looks at Postnatal Depression in Fathers.  With interviews from Andrew Solomon, Michel Odent, Adam Jukes and the Fatherhood Institute, this book provides a fascinating overview of the subject. By Olivia Spencer

Daseinsanalysis.  This highly stimulating and lucid book gives a critical overview of the daseinsanalytic concepts of Binswanger and Boss and explains their key differences despite the common reference to Freudian psychoanalysis and the Heideggerian philosophy from which daseinsanalysis took its name.  By ALice Holzhey-Kunz


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Psychoanalysis: A Paradigm of Clinical Thinking by André Green.  Back by popular demand!  Green shows how it is possible to introduce the concept of ‘clinical thinking’ into psychoanalysis.  He analyses, in particular, the modification of the clinical pictures on which Freud’s work was constructed, contributing innovations and answers that the father of psychoanalysis could not foresee.

Dialogue With Sammy: A Psychoanalytical Contribution to the Understanding of Child Psychosis by Joyce McDougall and Serge Lebovici,  This is a pioneering study, showing that it is possible to establish a dialogue with a psychotic child, and that schizophrenia in small children is treatable.

Before I was I: Psychoanalysis and the Imagination by Enid Balint.  How do we become truly alive?  This is the question at the heart of Before I was I.  Deeply felt but rigorously conceptualised, Before I was I is compelling reading for all who are concerned with the problems and struggles of work in the fields of human relations.

Also back in print…

Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Nina Coltart.  This is the first collection of Nina Coltart’s writings.

Theatres of the Mind: Illusion and Truth on the Psychoanalytic Stage by Joyce McDougall







Now in paperback for the first time, The Scientificaiton of Love by Michel Odent.  The author looks at the importance of love as a potential new strategy for human survival.